PT. INDOSMART KOMUNIKASI GLOBAL was established in 2002 with focus on leading edge technologies implementation and progressive realization of business concepts into real business results, with full commitment to business partners in pursuing business objectives together.

To pursue this objective, INDOSMART has built a strong core management team with proven expertise in various industries: Telecommunications, Information Technology, Finance and Retail and Distribution.

In April 2003 INDOSMART launched a new product, ISI ULANG iSMART. It is a voucher-less prepaid cellular distribution system using direct top-up, a very unique and challenging new market at that time.

Today, iSMART distributes electronic Voucher for PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (simPATI, As), PT Indosat, Tbk (Mentari, im3), PT Excelcomindo Pratama (XL), PT Telkom Indonesia (Telkom Flexi), PT Bakrie Telecom (Esia), PT Smartfren Telecom, Tbk (Smartfren), PT Natrindo Telepon Seluler (Axis), and PT Hutchison CP Telecommunications (Three) using various delivery channels such as PC Client, Plain SMS, EDC and through a special technology partnership with -SIEMENS- & -NOKIA- we are proud to have a very unique but state-of-the-art Java based Sales Client embedded in the phone. INDOSMART also continuously looking for new value added products to distribute via our iSMART business network.

One of the key factors of iSMART's business achievement is the ability to use high security, future-proof and sophisticated technologies commonly used in financial services industry. And with in-house proven expertise INDOSMART is able to maintain the technology pace to the current trends.

With more than 10.000 iSMART Clients distributed across Indonesia, INDOSMART has positioned itself as an important player in the prepaid voucher distribution business. Not only INDOSMART has proven its ability to convert the traditional way of voucher selling to use electronic delivery channel, but also shown its business expertise in building retail and distribution network.

With its expertise in transactional business, INDOSMART worked together with BLU transajakarta to set-up the first contactless ticketing service for Bus Rapid Transport, transjakarta. This service is very unique of it's kind in Indonesia. The Company set up and operates ticketing service for transjakarta from 2004-2007 with great success.

INDOSMART also has strong credentials in modern channel electronic distribution with clients such as Alfamart, AlfaMidi, Lawson, Circle K, Lottemart, Bright and many more...

With various channeling with many kind of demands, INDOSMART distributes product beyond cellular industries, such as data reload and game reload.